Our Mission:

To foster a safe, secure and life affirming environment that allows each of our residents the opportunity to enjoy new things, create lasting friendships and Live Inspired

Our Vision

Pavilion Senior Living’s vision is to be the premier provider of senior living services, transforming the industry through innovation in care, employee development and resident lifestyle enhancement.

To achieve our vision we:

  • Strive to deliver the highest quality of care within every Pavilion community
  • Provide comprehensive and individualized care to each and every resident
  • Meet and exceed both the cognitive and physical needs of our residents
  • Create a comfortable lifestyle for seniors based on free choice, dignity and respect
  • Promote innovation and maintain the gold standard in resident care

Pavilion Senior Living Principles:

At PSL, we are committed to five principles, which serve as guidelines for all our programs and relationships:

Our programs emphasize self-reliance within a supportive environment, enhancing the residents’ quality of life and helping them feel good about themselves.

Pavilion Senior Living customizes our care and recreational programs to reflect the interests, abilities and preferences of each individual resident. We understand each one of us will experience the aging process differently.

Residents decorate their new suite with personal belongings and items to make it feel like home.

Residents are encouraged to continue to make their own decisions. Our programs are designed to honor individual preferences by providing plenty of variety.

Staff are committed to assisting residents with their personal needs in a manner that is always sensitive to the resident’s dignity.

We want our community to be not just places where seniors live, but places where seniors flourish. We foster an environment where residents are empowered and engaged, providing a place that celebrates independence and joy.